Our identity and activities

1. Purpose
We are more interested in the current culture of Korea than traditional one. Though Korea has a 50 year friendly diplomatic relationship with Thailand in 2008, even Bangkok has no Korea Culture Center. So we don't just depend on and wait for government but first start a try for ourselves. This center make an effort to meet the desire of Thai people to know about Korea & its culture. The center will be changed into an institute focusing Asia art performance after Korea Culture Center is offically established by Korea Government.

2. Who are we ?
We... are not government agency
We... are more the people putting our idea or need in practice than just waiting for something.
We... constitute Thai persons who'd like to know about Korea and a korean family who needs culture space in Chiang mai.

3. What activities does KCCCM( Korea Culture Center Chiang mai) supply ?
1) KCCCM executes publicizing Korea, setting up Korean booth, supporting the events which are asked by local persons in festival or events ,so that it helps Thai persons and foreign
residents here to feel more familiar with Korea.
2) Based on one of the highest speed internet business line in Chiangmai, Korea Digital Library runs. This can give visitors fast, update information of korea.

4. Facilities and cooperative company information
1) Free-4 mega high speed internet cafe (please ask password to reception)
2) Han Sarang restaurant
3) Korean Digital Library